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Shanan Foden

Meet Shanan. Six months ago he started training with Pinnacle Performance. Through sheer dedication to our Stronger You program, he’d shed nearly 15kgs! Shanan, your incredible commitment is an inspiration to us all and your results are UNREAL! Keep reaching for those goals and smashing through barriers brother!

If you want results like Shan’s, send us a DM to find out how we can help!

Adam Bell

Another 8 week workplace challenge legend! With a 7.2kg weight reduction in 8 weeks!! Unreal to see the commitment and attitude he has made towards the program, and so motivating to see he still has plenty in the tank! Keep bringing that energy lad!

Lexi Andrews

Anyone who can lose 35Kg shows true dedication and commitment to their health! This lady is a professional day in and day out. With a well disciplined approach to her diet thanks to Simon – our dietitian – and her training with Hugh, combined with a well rounded attitude to her training, she is unstoppable. A true inspiration to all.

Shane Bell

Shane encompasses all of the values that the studio uphold. He goes above and beyond to support our community and is just an all-round good genuine good man!

Vicki Brooks

  • 5% – Body Fat
  • 5kg – Weight
  • 6kg – Fat Mass
  • 1kg – Lean Muscle Mass

Vicki had been incredible since the day she stepped in the door! She has an outstanding attitude in the studio and has developed key habits and lifestyle changes that are clearly making a difference! Even with a break in between due to COVID!

Let’s go Vicki!!

Craig Pelvin

  • 9.3kg – Weight
  • 7.4kg – Fat Mass
  • 4.5% – Body Fat

Craig joined Pinnacle Performance with his daughter to lose some weight and so they could do something together as a dedicated father daughter activity. Craig also works in a job that doesn’t keep him as active as he’d like to be so he uses the gym to take a proactive approach to his health.

He’s absolutely demolished his 12 week goals, lost weight at a rate that is healthy and sustainable, and spent quality (& sometimes very competitive) time with his daughter. He’s such a pivotal part of our Pinnacle fam and we can’t wait to see what he achieves with us in 2024!

Grace Collier
Check out @graciebabez progress through the ‘Stronger You’ Program! Unbelievable work! It is awesome to see such a sustainable change! Loving the gains you are achieving outside of the studio! Keep at girl!

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